Marc Stocco

Marc Stocco

Marc Stocco is a student-athlete from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Best Workouts for Spring Training

After the exercise hiatus that might last all winter, spring training offers you an opportunity to get back in shape. But as usual, you need to ease yourself into the workout regimen and watch out for injuries. It’s all about getting into the right mindset and choosing the type of exercise routines that not only strengthen your core and posture, but also give your whole body a full workout.

Perhaps nobody understands spring training better than baseball players. Marc Stocco is a student-athlete currently playing baseball at the University of the Fraser Valley. Originally from Surrey, British Columbia, Marc has been playing baseball for most of his life. As a pitcher, he is continuously looking for ways to improve his game and get an edge on opposing batters. He believes that having the right mindset is just as important as the workouts you select to get you into top form.

The Right Mindset

Put simply, to be in the right mindset is to stay motivated. No matter how many pounds you have put on during the winter, you can lose that extra weight if you stick to your workouts. And nothing helps you stay inspired more than having like-minded friends and workout-buddies around you, shares Marc Stocco.

That way, if you feel lazy or lack motivation one day, your pals will push you to keep going and meet the small targets and milestones you have set for yourself. Even if you’re not a competitive person by nature, having a fitter friend is always a great inspiration to keep challenging yourself.

Posture and Core

A good posture is important for everybody, not just baseball players. The right posture keeps back pain at bay and increases your vitality and organ functions. According to Marc Stocco, working on your back and core muscles not only gives you a perfect posture but also makes you look thinner, which lifts your self-esteem.

Core muscles are the operative words when it comes to spring training. Whether your goal is to lose weight and look fit or beef up your upper body strength, you should always focus on your core muscles. You can think of these muscles as the base foundation of your body that prevents injuries and exhaustion. A strong core improves your stamina, immune system, and overall body shape and posture.

Marc Stocco on the Best Workouts for Spring Training

As a passionate baseball player, Marc Stocco is a solid teammate who shows dedication to the sport on and off the field. He has a set of workouts for spring training that reflect this passion and dedication.

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